7 Popular Ramens in Japan To Eat Overseas. (海外で食べられる ラーメン7店 日本 東京)

[Tokyo guide] 7 Popular Ramens in Japan To Eat Overseas.

This is a list of ramen shops in Japan that are opening overseas.



Hakata Ichifudo was founded in 1985 in Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka.
This is a shop of Kashiwa Hakata ramen bowl that continues to transmit ramen that makes use of the taste of pride to the world.

It was completed in pursuit of the taste of ramen that continues to evolve every day,
Sensational drink unique to Ichifudo.
Always adopt newness and continue to take advantage of the good old taste that is a tradition
Ichifudo’s ramen continues to attract the attention of many ramen lovers.

Such, Hakata Iifudo stuck,
The ultimate cup is prepared in two flavors: red maru new taste and white maru moto taste.

It is the main style of Hakata ramen that has been handed down since its foundation, and the origin of the “Shiramaru Motomi”.
By adding home-made flavor oil, you can enjoy depth and harmony from a bowl of ramen.
Both flavors are rich pork bone soup, intertwined with ultra-fine noodles, and the aroma and taste are the best in the world.
This is the essence of Hakata ramen. The finish of saying.

An old-fashioned cup made to match the compatibility of soup and noodles
Please enjoy a cup of the evolution of The Ichifudo.




Ichiran, a ramen shop based in Fukuoka City

A cloudy soup with no miscellaneous flavor, entangled in Hakata’s unique ultra-fine straight noodles.
I’m focusing on one “Tonkotsu ramen”.

Sit at the counter with a partition, and put the hardness of the noodles and the thickness of the soup on the order form.
When you fill it out and submit it, the curtain in front of you opens and you collect the clerk’s order.
I eat ramen that came out by myside.

This is the environment where individual customers can face ramen all at once, and the ramen shop “Ichiran”
It is the biggest feature.

AJISEN( 味千ラーメン


TSUTA Japanese Soba Noodles 蔦