how to make a mask

How to make a face mask in Japan. (マスクのつくりかた 日本)

How to make a face mask in Japan.

On April 7, 2020, a state of emergency was declared for seven prefectures, including Tokyo, in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. This time, I will introduce how to make the main mask in Japan.

How to make a simple mask


Paper Napkins
Cooking Paper
Vinyl Thailand
Double-sided tape
Surgical Tape

I use a paper napkin.
It is hard to tear 20 pieces.
Paper napkins are comfortable to touch.
Kitchen dusters and cooking paper.
The vinyl tie is put in the nose as a wire.
Use a 5 mm wide double-sided tape.
Reinforced with medical surgical tape.
Take a little width and cut extra.
The vertical width does not change whether it is an adult or a child.
Make the width the length of the adult.
I put it with double-sided tape.
Stick paper napkins and kitchen dusters tightly together
It is better to weave twice.
A thick binitai is more stable.
Because it is easy to float with a fukafka, I stop it with a clip.
Cut to fit the width of the face.
I use hair rubber this time.
Because it sticks, please put rubber with thin double-sided tape.
Reinforced with surgical tape.
The first time, i put the end neatly with thick double-sided tape.
When passing through rubber, a thin double-sided tape is used.

たった10秒!簡単ハンカチマスクの作り方!Only 10 seconds! Easy way to make a “Handkerchief-Mask” without sewing.

Only 10 seconds! Easy way to make a “Handkerchief-Mask” without sewing.

Step (1) Fold a handkerchief into three
Step (2) Put the hida in the middle
Step (3) Rubber from both sides of the handkerchief
Step (4) Fold the handkerchief to three more

キッチンペーパーで縫わないで作る簡単マスク【100均DIY】キッチンペーパー&マスキングテープ 布マスク


Kitchen Paper
Masking tape
Rubber for masks

How to.

I’ll get you two pieces of kitchen paper.
I’ll cut one in half.
Place it on kitchen paper that is not folded
I fold the bottom one fold and stop it with masking tape.
The top is two times folded, and it stops with the masking tape.
Make a bellows
Fold both ends one at a time and stop with masking tape.
In addition, both ends are folded by one fold, and it stops with the masking tape.
Tie the length together through the rubber for the mask.