Enjoy gourmet food and shopping in Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan , which is very popular among foreigners!

[Tokyo Shibuya guide ]Enjoy gourmet food and shopping in Shibuya, which is very popular among foreigners!

Many foreigners visit Shibuya throughout the year.
Not only are there many sightseeing spots where you can forget the time and enjoy it, but shibuya is also attractive because there are many shops that you want to visit at least once, such as fashion buildings, daily general stores, cafes, etc.
This time, we will introduce how to enjoy Shibuya, which is attracting attention from foreigners, so let’s check it out immediately.

Very popular among foreigner

Did you know that nearly half of foreigners who enjoy traveling to Japan visit Shibuya?
It is not an exaggeration to say that Shibuya is one of the most popular areas in Japan, but you can experience japanese trends just by visiting here, and you can spend a high time day and night.
Bright neon lights pour not only during the day but also at night, and it is crowded with many people.
There are many foreigners who are excited by the bright atmosphere of Shibuya, and some people say that if you want to make memories in Japan, it is their best choice to visit Shibuya.
I want to make the best memories in Japan! I want to spend time in a spot with outstanding satisfaction to be excited! Shibuya is also recommended for those who say.

If you go to Shibuya, you should go here!

Speaking of shibuya’s main spot, I think many people say it’s a scramble intersection.
Thousands of people sometimes cross the scramble intersection at once, and some people seem to feel that it is a surprising sight from a foreigner’s point of view.
It is said to be the most famous intersection in the world, and you can enjoy Shibuya while feeling the power.
It is also known that there are many restaurants in Shibuya where you can fully enjoy delicious food.
If you want to eat a delicious meal that is unique to Japan, why not choose a sushi restaurant?
In Shibuya, there is “Genki Sushi” where you can eat delicious sushi at a reasonable price.
A slightly unusual way to serve sushi that you can’t experience overseas is getting a lot of attention.
At Genki Sushi, you can eat exquisite sushi using seasonal industries, as well as a touch panel for foreign languages, and it is also interesting that sushi is automatically brought without rotating.
If you look inside the shop, surprisingly more than half of the shops are so popular that seats are filled with foreign tourists.
It is also popular that there are services for foreigners, such as eating sushi made with fresh seasonal seafood that can only be tasted in Japan, or ordering sushi with Genki Sushi’s unique order system.
If you want to enjoy gourmet food in Shibuya, why not enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine in addition to sushi?
There are many restaurants in Shibuya where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine easily.
You can enjoy Japanese cuisine made with seasonal ingredients at the popular “shokkan 食幹” where kaiseki cuisine is delicious.
In addition to kaiseki cuisine using earthenware pots and exquisite gourmet dishes using large oysters, it is also attractive to devise ways to make customers get bored no matter how many times they visit, such as making a new menu appear every season.
There is a large counter seat in the shop, and an open kitchen is set up in front of you.
It is also possible to enjoy the craftsmanship of professional chefs with your eyes while tasting a delicious meal.
When it comes to popular restaurants, it is crowded with many people regardless of the time of day.
Therefore, if you come to the store suddenly, you may suffer from the trouble of not having a seat available.
In order not to encounter such unexpected trouble, we recommend that you visit after making a reservation in advance.
Currently, it is possible to make online reservations as well as by phone, so you can easily make a reservation at any time of the day.
First of all, find your favorite restaurant.

Inbound measures unique to Shibuya

In Shibuya, we are also focusing on inbound measures to increase the rate of foreign visitors, and the number of foreign tourists continues to increase every year.
For example, at Shibuya Station, which boasts as many as one million passengers a day, we are taking inbound measures to ensure smooth communication between foreigners and station staff by incorporating a “customer service conversation tool.”
There is already a “hospitality board” written in English in Shibuya Station, so that foreigners can use the station without hesitation.
At Shibuya Station, you will see foreigners from all over the world, including Europe, the United States, China, and South Korea.
Some station staff can speak a foreign language smoothly, but it is often difficult to cope with the languages of all countries, and it can be said that it is a big problem to be taken as soon as possible.
However, at Shibuya Station, we actively incorporate “customer service conversation tools” and “hospitality boards” so that foreigners can feel free to use them to eliminate their anxiety, so that we can communicate smoothly with foreign tourists.
I think that there are many foreigners who want to visit Shibuya but are worried about getting on and off the train.
In order to eliminate such concerns among foreigners, Shibuya Station is taking various inbound measures.
The station staff who always respond warmly and gently will support you, so you will be able to visit with peace of mind.

A city that can be enjoyed by young people and the elderly

When you hear about Shibuya, many people seem to have the image of a city of young people.
It is true that there are many fashion buildings in Shibuya, and you can see many young people day and night.
It is also known as a trendy state-of-the-art area, and it can be said that it is the charm of Shibuya that you can catch not only fashion but also gourmet and music, regardless of genre, earlier than anywhere else.
However, in recent years, the number of shops for the elderly has continued to increase, and it has come to be crowded with many people regardless of age.
The loft and Matsukiyo, which are perfect for choosing Japanese souvenirs, are visited by many people, from young people to the elderly.
If you visit Shibuya, you can quickly find a shop that sells a lot of the best goods for souvenirs, so foreigners can enjoy shopping with excitement.
In addition, there are many staff who can speak foreign languages in Shibuya, and it is one of the charms that you can enjoy shopping with peace of mind.
If you look into the loft and Matsukiyo, you can see that there are many practical items.
For example, in addition to skin care items and cosmetics, stationery and daily necessities goods are just exciting just by looking at them.
Some foreign tourists buy skin care items together.
There are a lot of items that can be purchased at reasonable prices, so if you want to get souvenirs at a reasonable price, why not enjoy shopping in Shibuya?

Accommodation in Shibuya

Shibuya is a popular place to stay in addition to shopping, gourmet and sightseeing tours.
There are many hotels in Shibuya, and not only is the hospitality service substantial, but it is also a merit that there are spacious rooms even though it is a reasonable accommodation fee.
There are many hotels where you can stay for less than 10,000 yen per night, so if you’re looking for a cheap place to stay, check it out.
Hotels in Shibuya can be accommodated smoothly by making a reservation in advance.
In addition to the room type and service details, check your accommodation and find your favorite hotel, please try to book a reservation from the internet.
Currently, in Shibuya, there are many hotels where you can enjoy not only accommodation but also gourmet and events at the same time.
Because you can stay while feeling the sense of value, it is sure to be satisfied even if you want to stick to the service.

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