Japanese Restaurants

How to use Japanese restaurants.

Japanese restaurants

How to use Japanese restaurants such as revolving sushi, popular ramen shops, izakayas, etc.

There are many restaurants in Japan.
There are a variety of shops, such as high-end Japanese restaurants and sushi shops, chain stores and set restaurants where you can drop in easily, and izakayas where everyone can get excited, so some of you may not know how to use them.
For each type of restaurant, we will explain how to use it and how to enjoy it, so please enjoy your meal in Japan.

■ How to use the rotating sushi

For those who want to eat sushi casually, it is a rotating sushi.
The revolving sushi is different from a full-fledged sushi restaurant, and because it is a casual atmosphere, it is a restaurant that is easy to drop in easily without worrying about clothes.
In addition, since the price is reasonable from several hundred yen per dish, there is also the charm that you can taste sushi full of stomach.

You can take your favorite sushi and eat it.

As the name suggests, revolving sushi is a system in which sushi comes around on a conveyor belt.
There are not many restaurants overseas where various sushi flows one after another, such as tuna, kappa roll, and how much, so foreigners who visit Japan for the first time seem to be surprised.
In addition to sushi, there is also a revolving sushi restaurant where sweets, fruits and snacks flow, so you can enjoy a variety of menus.
Please choose what you like from what has flowed and try to taste it.

How to eat sushi

Sushi is basically eaten with soy sauce.
There is soy sauce on the table, so be prepared by hanging a little on a small plate before you start eating sushi.
If you put soy sauce on the side of the neta instead of shari, you can eat it without lying in shape.
If chopsticks are difficult to use, you can eat them by hand.
It is said that it is a manners to taste sushi to eat in turn from the one with a thin taste such as white fish to the one with a strong taste such as red fish, but there is no problem to taste what you like freely without worrying about it in a revolving sushi shop.

You can also order by yourself

In addition to the sushi that has flowed, you can also taste what you ordered.
If you talk to the floor staff and sushi chefs and tell them what you want, they will hold the sushi immediately, so if you want to taste the freshly made sushi, please order it by all means.
These days, you can order using a touch panel.

Accounting is calculated by the number and type of dishes

The accounting of the revolving sushi shop is a system that calculates by the number of dishes taken, the type, etc.
Therefore, it is a basic manners to pile up empty dishes so that the number of sheets eaten is easy to understand.
The payment method varies depending on the store, such as when you call the floor staff to check in the seat or take the slip to the cash register counter yourself, so please ask the staff if you do not know.


■ How to use a set restaurant

At the set restaurant, you can taste the menu such as grilled fish set meal and tonkatsu set meal.
If you want to taste dishes that have been loved in Japan for a long time, such as side dishes, rice, miso soup, pickles, etc., you should definitely go to a set restaurant.

There are various set restaurants

Even if it is said that it is a set restaurant, there are various Japanese-style set meals such as tonkatsu, grilled fish, ginger grill, hamburgers, croquettes, etc.
Some long-established set restaurants have been operating for a long time, while others are set meals from chain stores nationwide, so please choose the best restaurant to suit your taste.

How to order at a set restaurant

When you enter a set restaurant, look at the menu, choose your favorite one, and tell the floor staff.
All that’s left is to taste the set meal that was brought to you.
Depending on the shop, there is also a place that has become a system to buy tickets at the ticket vending machine.
Once you’ve chosen the menu you want at the ticket machine, all you have to do is put in the money, buy a ticket, and give it to the floor staff, so it’s easy.
When the meal is finished, take the slip to the cash register at the end, and it becomes the flow of the liquidation of the price.
If you are buying a ticket first at the ticket vending machine, there is no problem to return as it is when you have finished eating.

There is also a set restaurant where you can substitute rice.

Menus such as ginger-grilled and hamburgers may be not enough because of the progress of the rice.
In such a case, it is also recommended to ask for a substitute for rice.
Some set restaurants offer free alternatives to rice or can be requested at low prices.

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■ How to use the izakaya

Izakaya is recommended when you want to have a drink with everyone and enjoy a delicious meal.
There are various styles of izakaya, such as chain stores that you can easily enter, shops with private rooms, so please choose the best shop according to your purpose and number of people.

When the number of people is large, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

Izakaya can be visited without reservation.
However, if you have a large number of people, you may not be able to secure a seat immediately even if you come to the store, and you may be made to wait.
If you want to use it smoothly, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

How to request the menu of the izakaya

Izakaya has a variety of sakes, including beer, sake, and shochu.
In addition, there are various food menus such as salads, edamame and tofu, so please choose your favorite one while looking at the menu and order it.
Some izakayas have all-you-can-drink plans.
If you want to taste a lot of sake, you can enjoy it more at a better price if you choose such a plan.

Izakaya with private rooms is also recommended

If you want to enjoy a drink without worrying about the gaze of other customers and staff, it is recommended to choose an izakaya with a private room.
Even if it is said that it is a private room, it is different depending on the shop, such as when it is a simple partition such as curtains or when it is separated by a fusma or a door, so it is a good idea to check with a photograph of the homepage in advance.

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■ How to use a ramen shop

Japanese ramen has various variations such as miso taste, soy sauce taste, tonkotsu taste, and it has become popular among foreign tourists.
There are local ramens all over the country from Hokkaido to Okinawa, so it would be interesting to enjoy the taste of the area when you travel.

How to order at a ramen shop

There are ways to order at ramen shops, such as how to choose a seat by looking at the menu and the on the wall, and how to buy a meal ticket in advance.
When you’re done, all you have to do is wait for the ramen to come.
It tastes delicious enough as it is, but if pepper or vinegar is placed on the table, it is also recommended to sprinkle it if you like.
There is also a ramen shop where you can freely choose toppings such as leeks, eggs, and nori.
As time goes by, ramen absorbs moisture and stretches, so try to eat it as soon as it is transported.
Because there is a shop where the replacement ball is possible, it is good to ask when it is not enough.

Popular ramen shops are prepared for procession!

It is not uncommon for popular ramen shops to have long queues because there are many customers who come from all over the world to ask for their taste.
Some ramen shops wait for an hour, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for the line at the popular shop.
If you don’t want to line up, please try to come to the store to avoid crowded times such as lunchtime or dinner.

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Please enjoy Tokyo!