Nightlife! about hostess bar & brothel in Tokyo , Japan.

Nightlife in Tokyo , Japna

Notes and how to use it when playing in the shop at night

In Japan, there are many shops at night, such as clubs, cabaret, customs, etc.
In order to play happily, let’s know how to choose a shop and how to enjoy.
This time, I will explain the characteristics of the shop, how to play, notes, etc.

First of all, let’s find a cabakura shop where you can play safely and securely.

If you are going to pay money to play with Japanese girls, it would be a loss if you do not choose a good cabaret club.
There are many cabaret clubs in Japan, but unfortunately, not all of them are safe and secure.
If you want to enjoy drinking and chatting with cabaret girls as a way to relax while enjoying your trip in Japan, you should first know how to identify a good store.
One of the most important tips to identify a safe cabaret store is the price of the service.
Generally, the service charge in cabaret clubs in Japan is about 20%.
Therefore, if the service charge exceeds 30%, it is not a safe and secure cabaret club.
You can efficiently check the service charge by looking into the store’s website.
It is also important to judge with your own eyes if the shop is touting badly.
If you are just passing by a store and it is being aggressively touted, you may be charged a lot of money, so be careful.

Points to keep in mind when using brothels

If you want to try Japanese brothels, why don’t you try a deli-hero store where you can easily spend a luxurious time with cute girls?
Even if you think that using Japanese brothels is a bit of a hurdle for you, you will be able to play with ease at a deli-hel.
The first step in using a Japanese deli is to make a reservation in advance by phone or online.
Check the website to find your favorite deli-hero girl and choose the course you want.
Some stores also offer optional services, so if you want to spend a more fulfilling time, why not add optional services that will give you plenty of satisfaction?
When you make a reservation, you will be asked for your name and phone number for confirmation, but the name you give at this time can be a fake name.
After making a reservation in advance, you will be asked to go to the designated location and wait for the deli girl.
If you find that the girl is not what you expected, you can change your mind.
Some people may feel bad about changing a girl who has come all the way to their doorstep.
However, since you are paying to play, it would be a shame for you to lose out.
Deli girls are used to being changed, so don’t be afraid to choose another girl.

How to Play with a Deli Helper without Trouble

If you are going to have an intense time with a Delhi girl, it helps to know the proper etiquette.
First of all, you should always take a shower before interacting with a Delhi-helle girl.
You can shower alone before receiving the service, but if you want to experience an exciting time, it is recommended that you enjoy the shower time together.
After taking a shower, it’s time to start the lovemaking time in bed.
The basic play includes a variety of services such as deep kissing, raw blowjobs, and full body lips.
You can let yourself be pampered by the deli girls who have excellent techniques to make sure the male customers finish comfortably.
If you want to feel more satisfied, I recommend that you request your favorite play delicatessen girl.
It is not always possible to guarantee that they will accept all of your requests, but the best deli girls will do their best to serve you, so there is no harm in making a bold request.
After a refreshing finish, take a shower and the service is over.
If you are using a store model, you will pay at the reception desk.
If you use a dispatch-type service, you should pay the girl directly.
Nowadays, deli-help stores accept credit cards as well as cash.
When you use a credit card, you can pay with a handheld device that the girl has with her, so it doesn’t take much time or effort.

How to play clubs in Japan

Clubs in Japan are used not only for enjoying music and dancing, but also for the purpose of picking up girls.
Another attraction of clubs is that you can have a good time while drinking good drinks.
When playing in a club, you must first pay the entrance fee.
For men, the fee is usually 3,000 yen or more.
In addition to the entrance fee, if you want to have a good drink, you should also prepare money for the drink.
If you are going to a club to pick up girls, the key to a successful pickup is to dress stylishly.
A clean and formal outfit will make a good impression on Japanese girls.
There are many girls who will pick up a foreigner who looks cool, so if you want to be competitive, you should pay attention to the way you dress.