Ueno Ameyoko Market in Tokyo , Japan [ VR 360 ] アメ横 アメヤ横丁 上野 東京 日本

Ameya Yokocho

Ameya-Yokocho is a shopping street in Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, with about 400 stores located mainly on the west side of the Yamanote Line viaduct between Okachimachi Station and Ueno Station, JR East, and about 500 to 600 meters below the viaduct. The official name is Ameyoko Shotengai Rengo Kai, but it is often referred to as Ameya Yokocho, Ameyoko, Ueno Ameyoko, or Ameyoko Shotengai.

There are two main reasons why the shopping street came to be called “Ameya Yokocho”. One theory is that it was because a group of repatriates from China who set up a stall around the market sold candy, which was very popular among people who were hungry for sweetness, and another theory is that it was because there were stores selling “sweet potato candy” (Ameya Yokocho). The other theory is that there were many stores selling goods released by the Occupation Forces (America Yokocho). Even today, there are stores selling candy and other sweets in Ameya Yokocho wholesale district. It is said that the name “Ameya Yokocho” was shortened to “Ameyoko” and became commonly known as “Ameyoko.

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JR Ueno Station
Central ticket gate exit
JR Okachimachi station
North Exit
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line/Ginza Line Ueno Station
Exit 5B
Tokyo Metro Naka-Okachimachi Station (Hibiya Line) / Ueno Hirokoji Station (Ginza Line)
Exits A2, A5 and A7
Toei Subway Oedo Line Ueno-Okachimachi Station
Exit A7
Keisei Electric Railway Ueno Station
Main entrance

6-10-7 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan