Let’s have fun at Harajuku’s popular fashion & cosmetic stores! For Foreigners.


1.Introducing popular fashion and cosmetic stores.
2.Stores with the latest fashionable clothes.
3.What are the best cosmetic stores?
4. Enjoy a variety of fashion and cosmetic stores!

1.Introducing popular fashion and cosmetic stores.

Since you are coming to Japan on vacation, you may want to buy some fashionable clothes and cosmetics to take home.
Harajuku is one of the most popular areas in Tokyo, with a wide variety of fashion and cosmetic stores that are fun to browse.
We will introduce some of the most popular stores in Japan that you can enjoy, so please take a look when you travel.

2.Stores with the latest fashionable clothes.

Harajuku also offers unique and fashionable fashion that is different from other places.
You will be able to show off your nice clothes back home.
Here are some recommended fashion stores.

Laforet Harajuku

There are many fashion items, not just one brand, and you can enjoy browsing every floor.
If you go at the right time, there is a chance that some attractive clothes will be on sale, and you can get them at a better price than you expected.
In addition, if you are traveling with your family or boyfriend, it is a good idea to go with them because there are many stores for men as well as women, so both men and women can enjoy shopping together.
These stores are very popular among the Japanese, especially among the younger generation, so be sure to stop by and check them out.


This is a newly opened building that also houses fashion stores.
It is also located in front of the station, so you can easily drop by and visit it.
It has everything from sporting goods to UNIQLO, and there are also cosmetic stores.

anello® TOKYO(アネロ トウキョウ)

This is also a new store in Harajuku, offering a large selection of fashionable clothes.
In addition, you can see, touch and feel the clothes before you buy them, whereas most of them are only available on the Internet.
We recommend this store because it has new and classic products, as well as clothes that can only be bought in Harajuku.
You’ll be surprised to find fashionable clothes with designs like these. You will be able to have fun while shopping.


This is one of the most popular stores in Japan, with fashion items that even foreigners find fashionable.
Like Laforet Harajuku, it has everything from women’s clothing to men’s and even children’s clothing.
This is a store where you can take your family for a leisurely stroll and not get bored, so be sure to visit.
The prices are also relatively reasonable to make it easy for everyone to buy.
If you want to buy clothes that everyone in your family likes, the budget tends to be quite high, but you can buy them with peace of mind.
The prices are not just for young people, but also for people of all ages.

WC Harajuku Takeshita Street

This store is recommended for women who want to buy cute fashion items.
The store is produced by Chinatsu Wakatsuki, a famous Japanese fashion designer, and has a wide range of cute and stylish fashion items.
The atmosphere is casual, with most of the clothes having a pink or red image.
The store also sells caps and other small items, so you can buy a total coordinated look.
This store is very popular among young Japanese women, so be sure to stop by and check it out.


This shop is also recommended for young people, and offers many colorful and fashionable clothes.
Although the prices are reasonable, many of the items are fashionable and cute, making it a popular shop.
The reasonable prices make it easy to purchase items that coordinate well with each other.
There are also accessories that can be attached to smartphones, which are very popular in Japan.

3.What are the best cosmetic stores?

This time, I will introduce some of the most popular cosmetic stores among Japanese and foreigners who have visited the city.
I’ll also introduce some of the relatively new cosmetic stores that I recommend.

MS・Style Echika 表参道

This cosmetic store is perfect for those who want to achieve total beauty and is popular among Japanese people.
In addition to skincare and make-up, they also have a wide range of bath and body care products.
The large number of products available makes it easy to find the perfect cosmetics for you.
If you want to buy a souvenir for a friend in your own country, original gifts are also available.

THE BODY SHOP Omotesando store

They only deal in cosmetics made with natural ingredients, and their products are environmentally friendly.
They also have a wide range of body-related creams and scrubs, and many of them are even more fragrant and popular.

@cosme TOKYO(アットコスメトーキョー)

This store is recommended for those who want to use cosmetics with good reviews and want to know what products are popular and experience them before buying.
It’s a relatively new store, so there may be some foreigners who don’t know about it.
The store is well-stocked, and there is a booth that tells you which products are the most popular by ranking them.
There are also quite a few brands that are handled, so you will be able to examine and purchase something that fits better than a few different stores.
There is a members-only lounge on the third floor, but if you want to enter, make sure you get the official free @cosme app beforehand.
If you want to go in, you can get the official free @cosme app beforehand, and then you can just check in and go in.
The lounge is well stocked with men’s cosmetics for those traveling with their families or boyfriends.
There are also beauty appliances and other products available, so you can buy what suits you best along with your cosmetics.

Aesop Aoyama Store

If you want to use products with good ingredients, this is the cosmetic store for you.
They are quite particular about the quality of their products, so they use the highest quality plant ingredients.
Not only do they have lotion and milky lotion, but they also have a variety of hair care and body care products.
The ingredients are not constant, and the scent and color vary depending on what is harvested at the time, so you can feel that you are using truly natural products while using the cosmetics.

ISETAN MiRROR, Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

This is the perfect store for those who want high-end cosmetics, with a variety of products to try before you buy.
If you have any questions about cosmetics or makeup, there are professional Icetan Mirror girls who will be happy to discuss your concerns with you.
They will listen to your skin condition and current concerns, and give you advice that suits your needs.
They will also check your skin and match colors with a professional’s eye, so you can buy cosmetics that are more suitable for you.

4.Enjoyout a variety of fashion and cosmetic stores!

Harajuku is especially popular among Japanese people, and foreigners would love to visit this area when they come to travel around Tokyo.
In addition, I’m sure that many women, especially those with a high sense of beauty, would definitely want to visit fashion and cosmetic stores.
All of the stores introduced here are popular among Japanese people and can be purchased with ease by foreign tourists.
To be honest, you may have a hard time deciding which stores to visit first because there are so many stores in Harajuku, but make a list of the ones you definitely want to visit and enjoy shopping around.

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