lion in Gunma safari park

[ 360° ] Lion in GUNMA SAFARI PARK , Japan ライオン 群馬 サファリパーク 日本

Lion in Gunma Safari Park

This is a safari park where about 100 species and 1,000 animals from continents such as Africa, Asia, and America live in a vast area close to their original ecosystem, and you can observe the animals. You can enjoy the feeling of a safari in the wild by riding in a private car, rental car, rain car tour, safari bus, or feeding experience bus. The feeding experience bus, where you can feed the herbivorous and carnivorous animals, is very powerful as you can see the faces and mouths of the animals right in front of you. When you enter the safari zone by car, the attendant will rent you a guide radio, and as you drive into the safari zone, the guide radio will give you information about the animals in each zone. There are also events such as cat house tours, mog-mog time, flying shows, and night safari tours. Every year, an Indonesian Festival is held in the event hall, featuring animals from Indonesia.

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lion in Gunma safari park


1 Okamoto, Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture 370-2321
TEL: 0274-64-2111 (Representative)

Kan-Etsu Expressway / Nerima IC  ▶Kan-Etsu Expressway / Fujioka JCT (Fujioka / Nagano area) ▶Joshinetsu Expressway / Tomioka IC  ▶Gunma Safari Park