shiromaru dam okutama

[ 360° ] OKUTAMA ! SHIROMARU DAM in TOKYO. 奥多摩 白丸ダム 多摩川 東京


The Shiramaru Dam is a dam built on the Tama River system, Shiramaru, Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo. It is a 30.3-meter high gravity concrete dam used for power generation by the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau. It pumps water to the Bureau’s hydroelectric power plants, the Tamagawa No. 3 Power Station and the Shiramaru Power Station, and generates a total of up to 17,500 kW of electricity. The name of the dam lake (artificial lake) is Shiromaruko.

A 10-minute walk from Hakumaru Station on the JR Ome Line. This is a long, narrow, east-west artificial lake with spectacular emerald green water.

The Ogawachi Dam (Okutama Lake) is located upstream, and the Tama River No. 1 Power Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau is located directly below it. While the Shiramaru Dam is a power generation dam operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau, the Ogawachi Dam is operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau with the main purpose of securing water for waterworks.

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shiromaru dam okutama


Tanazawa, Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo

Nearest station: Hatonosu Station or Shiramaru Station on the JR Ome Line